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Exterior Insulation Finish System
( Synthetic Stucco)

(These are also the same prices for one-coat and three coat stucco)

EIFS Inspection:       Price:  $450.00 - $650.00 front only.      Prices for two to four sides varies as to the square foot size of the home.

Services include:

First a thorough Visual Inspection using court approved EIFS Inspection Protocol Guidelines for gathering visual evidence is performed,
along with moisture mapping using the Tramex Wet Wall Detector to map out any areas of concern that indicate moisture.

If there is a strong indication of moisture, authorization is needed to perform intrusive moisture readings using the Delmhorst Moisture Detector with 3" prongs  for accurate moisture detection.
This requires drilling two small holes. After the reading is taken, the holes are sealed with a compatable caulk that closely matching the color of the home.

A Written Field Report is provided identifing: the critical areas of concern and probable or potential damage, installation defects (conditions not meeting current acceptable inspection standards), building components that may impact the water tightness of the exterior envelope and Home Maintenance Items required to be performed by the Owner.

For larger homes please call 503-244-6610 for pricing


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