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Allura: Status of Class Action Suit against Allura Fiber Cement Siding manufactured during a small window of time.

In Oregon you may be included in the Setllement Class if you own a home with:
siding manufactured in Plycem's plant located in White City, Oregon between February 1, 2014 and May 7, 2014
or manufactured in Plycem's Roaring River, North Carolina plant between February 1, 2014 and February 18, 2015.

You will need to remove a board and look for the stamp on the back of the siding to find information on date and manufacturing plant.

Below is the most current information concerning Allura Siding Class action settlement in Oregon:

Ckick here to submit a claim:

Your claim must be received by 6 PM on June 21, 2023: Click here to view the claim form


Status of Class Action Suits and Warranty Programs
Involving Composite Siding Products

Many of the class actions are over

Today's Date and Pacific Standard Time:


Claims can be filed up to 25 years after installation of siding that was put on between May 15, 1975 and May 15, 2000

Abitibi (Abitibi-Price) siding is the subject of a class action suit as
well.  The law firm handling the case is Ezell & Sharbrough, P.O. 996,
Mobile, AL  36601-0996   
Claim Administrator Phone:  (800) 549-4465

To view the ABTCO/ABITIBI Claims Page:

This covers siding that was installed prior to May 15, 2000

Although not in Class Action, some homeowners in a few  States were
considering starting their own  class action but nothing came of it.
Texas and Oregon are states that we've heard of.
To contact Boise -Cascade you can call 1-208-384-6161 and ask about their warranty program
to visit Boise-Cascade's web pages click here:

It appears that Boise Cascade does not manufacturer siding anymore.

If you have problems with your Boise Cascade Siding click here

The original siding had a 25 year warranty.



A Hardboard Siding

Currently is not under a class action

Celotex sold its Fiberboard business on 06/05/2001



A Hardboard Siding

Champion Hardboard Siding – Champion does not have an existing class action but warranty claims are available. If your Champion siding was installed between 1980 and 1985 you must call the Masonite Warranty Dept. at 800-323-4591. If your siding was installed between 1986 and 1999 you must call the Georgia Pacific Warranty Dept. at 404-652-8375.


A FiberCement Siding: The Class Action is over. The last day to file a claim was August 11, 2020.

It may still be possible to file a warranty claim for the remaining warranty period of 50 years.
Go to:
For more information call the warranty dept. : 1-800-999-3654  



If you have an Exterior Insulation and Finish system or components ("EIFS")
 sold by Senergy, Inc. or Thoro System Products, Inc. ("Settling Defendants"),
 your rights may be affected by a partial national settlement of a class action lawsuit,
 Ruff, et al. v. Parex, et al., No. 96-CVS-0059 (N.C. Super. Ct., New HanoverCity.).

The Class action is over

To view the Notice of Settlement  click here
Senergy / Thoro Settlement Deadline was: May 15, 2002


Dryvit's deadline was officially over June 4, 2004

Georgia-Pacific Hardboard Siding

Georgia Pacific Hard Board Siding had two products: Jarrett and Catawba siding involved in a class action lawsuit.
This involved Jarrett siding that was manufactured at the Jarratt, Va, plant between 1979 and 1987 only.
Georgia Pacific stopped making siding at that plant in 1987 because it did not meet expectations.

The Class action is over

The Catawba Siding was a better product but was lumped into the class action because it too is a hardboard siding. According to Georgia Pacific Representatives this siding did not have the defects found in Jarrett siding. It is still being manufactured at the Catawba plant.

To have participate in this class action you would have had to opt-in by August 18, 1998.  Many of you were probably unaware of this.  However you still maybe able to file a warranty claim by calling 1-800-284-5347.

Opting into the class action has closed now.
The deadline for filing a claim pursuant to the nationwide GP Catawba and Jarret hardboard siding class action settlement was January 2000.

To find out if a property had been opted in for a future claim call 1-404-652-8371. 

Eligible claimants had until Jan 1, 2001, to file for compensation for Georgis-Pacific's Jarratt siding

There has been no class actions concerning these or any other Georgia Pacific Siding since.

If you suspect this siding and or failure on your home you should contact the manufacture . Document what you see, or have a qualified siding inspector or home inspector to  inspect and document it. You still maybe able to file a warranty claim by calling the number below:
If you think you have a warranty claim related to Georgia-Pacific hardboard siding, please contact GP at 404-652-8374.

 Georgia Pacifc has stopped making hardboard siding. The Catawba plant was closed December 2006.  

 To visit Georgia Pacific's webpages click here:

1-800-284-5347 Georgia-Pacific

Jefferson Smurfit  Cladwood Siding

The Class action is over

Smurfit Stone Container (which had merged with the prior owner of Cladwood Corp., Jefferson Smurfit) -- declared bankruptcy.

The 20 year warranty period is now over as well.

Cladwood¨ exterior siding, a resin-bonded particle board substrate with both-side fiber overlay. Exterior siding. Cladwood is has a particleboard core includes planer shavings and waste wood. Overlay contains waste newsprint. Siding has a 20-year warranty.

Louisiana-Pacific Innerseal Siding:

The Class action is over.

Since 1985, L-P has manufactured exterior lap and panel siding, soffit, facia, and trim.
The class action was open to anybody with this siding on their homes that was installed prior to 1/1/96 and that siding is damaged or becomes damaged prior to 1/1/2003, and did not "opt out" during the "opt out" period.  You can no longer file a claim with the L-P Settlement Administrators at 1-800-245-2722
This Class action was initiated in 1996 and was on going through the year 2002. It is over now. The siding reverted to its original 25 year warranty .
If you have questions you can call the Discontnued Priducts warranty Services 1-877-677-6722.

The LP Innerseal siding that was the subject of the class action reverted to its original 25 year warranty.
Homes that had this siding installed before Jan 1996 are over 25 years old now and no longer covered by the warranty.

For help with Louisiana Pacific Smart Side Siding installed after January 1, 1996:
The Smart Side LP Lap and Panel Siding has a 50 year limited warranty.

The L-P warranty claim number to call is: 1-800-648-6893

Visit L-P's current web page click here:

Masonite Hardboard Siding

The Class action is over.

To file a warranty claim on the remaining time of the 25 year warranty call:

The Masonite Limited Warranty Dept. at 1-800-323-4591

Masonite's March 6, 2001 Announcement to phase out Hardboard Siding:

Masonite Omniwood Siding

MASONITE OMNIWOOD Masonite Omniwood Siding is under class action until January 6, 2009.

If you qualify as an Eligible Claimant, you may be entitled to recover under the Settlement Agreement.
To be an Eligible Claimant, you must: own property in the United States or its territories in which Masonite OmniWood Siding has been incorporated and installed from January 1, 1992 to January 6, 1999,
and have not assigned the claim regarding the alleged damage caused by Masonite OmniWood Siding;

To file a claim call Masonite at: 1-800-323-4591

MaxiPlank Fiber Cement Siding:

In 2010 Allura purchased Maxitile fiber cement siding



The settlement term ended on November 12, 2011.


The Independent Claims Administrator was Rust Consulting, 1-800-427-2763,


STIMSON LUMBER: WA Forestex Settlement Notification Initiated A Court-ordered notification has been initiated in order to inform property owners in the western United States about a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit about Forestex hardboard siding manufactured by Stimson Lumber Company (titled Gardner v. Stimson Lumber Company, No. 00-2-17633-3SEA). The settlement is being overseen by Judge Mary I. Yu of the Superior Court of Washington, in and for King County. The settlement includes all those who have owned or own property on which Forestex siding has been incorporated or installed in the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Hawaii since January 1, 1985. The settlement will pay all qualified claims for specific kinds of siding damage, including certain thickness swelling, edge checking, buckling, warping, softness, wax bleed, delamination, and welting. Notices are scheduled to appear in newspaper supplements and regional editions of magazines, as well as mailed to those with known addresses, leading up to a court hearing on November 12, 2004, when the Court will consider whether to approve the settlement. Those affected by the settlement can object to any part of it by November 5, 2004. Later, more notices will appear on TV telling those included how they may get claim forms. Forestex hardboard siding - made to look like conventional wood siding - was made until 1997 from wood fiber, wax, and resins, in both lap (board) and panel (sheet) styles. Forestex siding has a stamp on the back with the number AHA 05. After the settlement is approved, a claims process will begin and claim forms will be issued to those who request them now. Payment amounts will be determined by a formula that takes into account siding damage in relation to wall size, siding square footage, the age of the siding, and whether it was properly installed. Payments will vary but could provide money to replace some or all of the siding on a wall or an entire home. For more details, contact Forestex Claims by Mail: P.O. Box 1371, Minneapolis, MN 55440-1371

Weyerhaeuser Company

The class action on all Weyerhaeuser Siding Products is over. The class action covered the time period between January 1, 1981 through December 31, 1999. The sidings have reverted back to their original 25 year warranties.
Call Weyerhaeuser at: 253-924-2345, press 0 to speak to a company operator and ask for the warranty department to file a claim on the remaining time .

For information regarding Temple Inland click here.

Thanks to HADD: Applying for Hardboard Siding Settlements

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