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Over 80 Fact Filled Pages - Information You Need Today


 SIDING SOLUTIONS, INC. is a local  
Oregon business formed to provide   
consumers and real estate professionals   
with information and solutions relating   
to composite siding problems:  

We have found a serious need among Real  
Estate Professionals for a basic reference   
manual on exterior composite siding issues.  
Faced with legal disclosure requirements   
about the presence of composite siding   
and siding damage, real estate professionals   
require information on the following issues:  

Identification of Composite Siding  
Identification of Manufacturer  
Detection of Obvious (Patent) Damage  
Causes of Damage  
Resources for Composite Siding Solutions  

This booklet is a simple reference manual  designed to meet these needs. 



1. How to Identify Composite   
Siding and Damage   

2. Siding Brand Identifier   

3. Installation Problem Identifier  

4. Maintenance Problem Identifier  

5. Damage Recognition  

6. Glossary  

7. Appendices   

A. Product Identifier Chart  

B. Siding Soulutions, Inc Inspection Report  

C. The L-P Settlement 



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